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Moosing about

Haseo A posted Apr 23, 17

Firstly I wanted to publically say thank you,

to all those friends of Lore, who said they were sorry to hear

that we stopped Mythic Raiding.

There are however some who remain with the wish

to casually see the content, as the game offers it up .

Tonight was one such night and we decided to get

Glory of the Legion Raider achievement completed :)

Behold thine moosey delights :

See you in ToS !

Feroxxy A shame I couldn't make it. Instead I had chocolate moose.
Imanthis Krosus is mad because they don't make mooses (meece?) big enough for him to sit on.

A Piece Of Cake

Illya posted Feb 19, 17

After seeing a quick kill on Anomaly,
we managed to hit Trilliax
right in the pain cluster too. 

Bringing Lore to 3/10.
Up to the harder bosses now



Telerion Dragon <3

With first raids of Nighthold giving a solid start but slight late clear we are happy to say
that Gul'dan fell over tonight. 

Only with half an hour time left we got rewarded with an easy and solid kill on Skorpyron, 
bringing us at the start of mythic progression.

More to come ;)



Hunter POV


Haseo A GJ guys :) Really nice pace this week with the time we had ; Onwards!
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Hello peeps ! Ive made an event for saturdays for Tomb of Sargeras! Sign up if you wanna join, if I missed ur name just gimme a shout in game and I will add ! Starting 19.45 server time
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Remember to go check the Glowcap Festival in Zangarmarsh today, everyone!
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